Who Is the Secret Weapon Kane Brown’s About to Unleash?

His Wife Katelyn Jae Joined Him on the Perfectly Timed "Mad at This World"

When Kane Brown called in to SiriusXM’s The Storme Warren Show on The Highway, he shared that he and his wife Katelyn Jae have just collaborated on a brand new project. It’s song called “Mad at This World.”

“Usually I always just write my songs. This was actually a pitch that I heard that immediately caught my ears and caught my attention, and it’s not ’Worldwide Beautiful,’ but it’s basically a song pulling out everything else that’s happened in 2020,” Brown explained of the recent onslaught of catastrophes like the Nashville tornadoes, the worldwide quarantine, the California fires and more. “It’s called ’Mad at This World.’ But it’s basically saying, ’How could I be mad at this world when this world gave me you?'”

Of his wife and her beautiful voice, Brown just said, “She’s my secret weapon that I am waiting to unleash.”

Brown’s also sharing new music on his TikTok with a song called “Be Like That.”