See Jason Aldean Tattoo Kane Brown at Home

Is Aldean Actually Practicing His Ink Skills on His Friend?

Find yourself a tattoo artist who does house calls, and this is what can happen.

On Monday (July 27), Jason Aldean invited Kane Brown over to his new house (estate, really) and Bubba Irwin of the Branded Tattoo Company in Nashville was there to give both artists some brand new ink. Aldean shared in his Instagram story that one of his — the Palm trees — was “a lil shoutout” to his Florida roots. And Brown shared that Aldean actually did the tattooing of one of the lines on his arms. Aldean’s reply to that? “You’re welcome.”

While Aldean’s wife Brittany and Brown’s wife Katelyn watched, Irwin gave both men some more artwork to their already heavily inked arms.

Check out the after photos here: