Tyler Braden Believes “Love Is a Dead End Road” … Which Is Good

New video captures all the emotions of life.

Tyler Braden is taking an unexpected direction in his newest release, “Love Is a Dead End Road.” Rather than offering a skeptical view of relationships, the lyrics actually share a happy viewpoint that was inspired by a text message.

“When my sister bought land to build a house, she sent me a picture of the ‘driveway,’ which was just an overgrown trail that looked like nothing,” he says. “To her, however, it was huge. It was a place for her family. She sent the picture when I was just about to write with Chase [Rice] and Brock [Berryhill], and I came up with the title ’Love Is a Dead End Road’ because to some people that dead end road could be home. This song says that’s what matters.”

A native of Montgomery, Alabama, and former firefighter, Braden co-wrote the song on the same day he signed his record deal with Warner Music Nashville. Take a look at the emotional video for “Love Is a Dead End Road,” which was filmed in Nashville, then read our interview below the player.

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