Now Hear the Williams Twins’ Gut Reaction to “Jolene”

LISTEN: Twins Declare Dolly Parton's Song a Straight Banger

The internet’s mind was blown this week when YouTube stars Twins the New Trend — 21-year-old twin brothers Tim and Fred Williams — shared their pure, unadulterated joy over hearing a 1981 Phil Collins song for the first time. Watch their reaction to hearing “In the Air Tonight” here.

Which made me wonder, “How would these young men react to hearing an older country song for the first time?” Say, Dolly Parton’s 1973 cheatin’ song “Jolene”?

I found my answer on a deep dive into the twins’ YouTube page. Earlier this summer, they listened to the classic country song for the first time, and instantly fell in love. “I like the fast pace already. We gotta turn this up. The guitar’s going crazy. I love the story telling behind it. Dolly, you got it,” they said, declaring the song a straight banger.

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