WATCH: Blake Shelton Shares Video Explaining Refund Confusion

Three Minutes of Being Totally Upfront, Clear and Honest

And now this:

After an ongoing Twitter conversation with fans on Wednesday (August 12), Blake Shelton sat down and made a full three-minute video trying to explain the whole situation of his tour cancellation. How it may or may not have happened, and also how fans can get their money back for his cancelled tour with Lauren Alaina, the Bellamy Brothers, John Anderson, and Trace Adkins. Shelton also tries to clarify what happens for fans that bought tickets through third-party ticket vendors such as StubHub.

He even went as far as giving specific instructions for Ticketmaster refunds. “Log into your Ticketmaster account,” and “click the REFUND link under your Blake Shelton order.

“If you have any issues after the above steps email:”

You can read the entire Cancellation Conversation here.