Why Is Chris Stapleton on Fire and Why Must We Wait So Long to Find Out?

The 37-Second Video Tease That Has Country Music on Edge

Chris Stapleton’s only caption on his tweet on Monday night (Aug. 24) was, “11.13.20.”

So we get it. Something is happening on November 13. But what? A song? An album? A 2021 post-COVID concert announcement?

And the imagery in the 37-second video is no help at all. There are horses running, ants climbing, pianos playing, and fire. So much fire beyond the silhouette of Stapleton.

In addition to adding the mysterious video, there are questions about what is no longer there: Stapleton deleted all of his previous posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Stapleton’s last album From A Room: Volume 2 was released in December 2017, and his only single from that album was “Millionaire.”

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