Songwriter Luke Laird Pours His Heart Into His Own Music for a Change

All the Songs That Led to His Own Music Row Track List

Luke Laird knows how to write a country song. And then some.

And he’s been proving that over and over and over again since about 2005, when he got his first big-deal cut on a Lee Ann Womack album.

But until today, not a lot of people knew that the prolific country music maker could sing. Laird’s announcement this week that his full-length, solo artist debut album Music Row would be released on September 18 changed all that, because he can and he does and it’s everything you hope a country songwriter will sound like. Bottom line? Laird sounds every bit as genuine as the songs he pens and his voice is worthy of the words he writes.

He kicks off his ten-track album with the autobiographical title track that takes him down memory lane, to his first trip to Tennessee. “I wanted to root this project in the feeling I got when I first came to Nashville — the allure of driving on Music Row and knowing there were songwriters working in those houses. It was so cool to me. I can still romanticize it, and I still like coming into Music Row to write in one of those little houses,” Laird said in a press release. “There’s something magical about it to me.”

Laird reflected on that sentiment in an Instagram post on Wednesday (August 26), saying, “If you would have told me back then that one day I would actually get to live in Nashville and write songs for the stars, I don’t think I would have believed you. I dreamed about it, but dreams and reality don’t always meet up.”
He thinks of his new album as his story of a songwriter who moved to Nashville to write songs for other people. “When I write a song, I enjoy it, and after I finish it, I like playing it, but really, as a songwriter, you want to share your songs with people. That’s my favorite part of writing songs — sharing them, just seeing people connect to them. It’s such a gift.”

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