Mrs. Luke Combs Shares Brand New Wedding Photos

The Combs' Florida Wedding Looks Like a Beautiful Crazy Fairytale

When Luke Combs and Nicole Hocking got married in early August, all we knew about the beach side celebration was that it was lovely, but that they were forced to keep the guest list small because of COVID (the official ruiner of all 2020 celebrations).

“Although we wish would could have had every single one of our family & friends there, we can’t wait to celebrate with everyone next year! So excited to share more of this day soon,” Hocking (now Combs) had written. And now, she has. She recently started sharing more behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram of their entire wedding weekend in Florida.

There’s the money shot of Mr. & Mrs. Combs smiling as they stare into each other’s eyes:
Then the group shot of Hocking and “mah gurlllzzzz” (her eight bridesmaids) in white satin robes:
Then the breathtaking rehearsal dinner gallery of ten of the best pictures from the night before they said “I do”:
“One thing we knew would be hit or miss was the weather, especially in Florida. We knew it was going to be one of the hottest days of the year, but we weren’t really expecting a hurricane right off the coast at the end of July. I swear I would’ve gone crazy if it wasn’t for my amazing planner, Peggy. I’m so grateful for her and her trust. She let me risk it, and when I mean risk it, Luke & I didn’t know where we were getting married until the day of,” she wrote. “2020, man.”

At the end of that Instagram post, Mrs. Combs promised to spam us all with even more great photos throughout the week.

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