WATCH: Chase Rices Shares Part I of Brand New Ballad

Rice Wants to be "The Reason" You Change Your Mind

Sometimes the best country songs come from singer-songwriters armed with only a guitar, a voice and a story to tell.

That’s why this new song (well, about half a song so far) from Chase Rice hits different. We’re all so used to the big slick production on some of his singles, that you might forget the talent that comes so naturally to Rice. He posted a short performance of a new song called “The Reason” on Instagram, saying he’s been writing a lot during quarantine and that he’ll continue to do so when September ends. (Because, hunting season.)

“Getting back to writing. I miss playin’ songs for y’all, hopefully this bullshit’s over in November and we can get back to touring. Hope y’all like this one, it’s one of my favorites I’ve written in a long time,” Rice wrote.

In the video, in his Ryan Bingham ball cap, Rice says that the song is one of his favorites he’s ever written. “I think there’s a lot of power behind this song. I’m not gonna play the whole thing, and I’m probably gonna screw it up,” he admitted.

Lyrics for “The Reason” :

You never got it from your daddy, and that’s a crying shame
Too many Friday night boys left you on sidewalks in the rain
So who could blame you if you checked out with the hand that you were dealt
It makes sense you’re scared of being like everybody else

It’ll break your heart in pieces, it’s one in 99
It’s the falling part that’s easy, but it falls apart sometimes
And I know you’ve got your reasons for thinking love’s a lie
I’d love to be the reason that you change your mind

At the end of the video, Rice promises to put up a full version soon, and we are here for it.