Carly Pearce’s Big-Sister Warning: “This Guy’s Never Gonna Change”

What Happens the Ex Girl Meets the "Next Girl"
When Carly Pearce released her latest single “Next Girl,” before I even listened to the song, my curiosity was piqued.

Like, is it about the next girl in an ex-boyfriend’s life?

Or what will happen next to a girl?

Or maybe, all of the above?

Pearce wrote the song — which is indeed all of the above — with Josh Osborne and Shane McAnally, and in a recent Instagram post, she said the song came straight from her teenage years, when she was so influenced by the sass of female country singers that she ended up pursing that same path with a passion.

“I’ve spent much of quarantine thinking about where I wanted my music to go. This was not easy for me, especially without having (the late producer Michael Busbee) by my side this time around. The only thing I knew to do was to get lost in all of my old records. I needed to re-discover the music that captured my heart as a teenager,” she wrote.

“Dolly (Parton).
“Loretta (Lynn).
“Patty (Loveless).
“Faith (Hill).
“Trisha (Yearwood).
“The Chicks.

“Through all the listening, I was reminded how country music always had these straight-talking women who were so strong and sassy. They were flirty, funny and feisty. And they weren’t afraid of banjos, fiddles, mandolins and dobro. I used that inspiration, both lyrically and musically, to create ’Next Girl.’ This is the music that flows through my blood, that comes out of my pores. It’s everything I love — and loved — all in one song, and when it’s rushing by, it just feels good.”

The recently divorced singer says that she’s been the girl in the song, but who hasn’t?

“’Next Girl’ is a song that I think every girl has been on both sides of the story at least once in our life, but I bet quite a few times,” Pearce said in a recent radio interview. “And for me, I’ve been single the majority of my life, so I’ve encountered this guy a lot through my life and my girlfriends have encountered him. Girls at my show probably encounter him at my show, or after the show I see girls encounter him at the bar. And for me, it’s an anthem for girls, kind of like as their big sister, telling them, ‘This guy’s never gonna change.’ It’s the same story night after night, and to watch out for it.’”

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