Riley Green: The Songwriting Q&A

When He's in His Boots, He Means Business

Fresh off of his 2020 ACM Awards nomination for new male artist of the year, Riley Green is ready with some new music. And he’s ready to talk about it.

The five-song EP If It Wasn’t for Trucks is due out on Friday (Sept. 11), and right after his nomination — but before the release — I had the chance to ask Green a few questions about the making of the music. Specifically, the songwriting.

Because so far, Green has proven himself to be outstanding on both ends of that songwriting spectrum: he shines in co-writes, and he shines on his solo songwriting. A few such songs from his major-label debut (just one year ago) were “I Wish Grandpas Never Died,” “Runnin’ with an Angel” and “Numbers on the Cars.”

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