Devin Dawson Has No Other Choice But to Keep Going in “I Got a Truck”

"I hope it inspires somebody to take 'give up' out of their vocabulary," he says.

Thanks to the breakout platinum success of his debut single “All on Me” a few years ago, Devin Dawson hit the road on tour — and on one of those nights, none other than Tim McGraw inspired him to write “I Got a Truck” after a late-night conversation.

“As someone who writes songs every single day, I don’t ever take any inspiration for granted,” Dawson says. “Sometimes you use tricks you’ve learned along the way to kick-start that inspiration and other times it just lands right in your lap. This song is the latter.”
Though he’s had material recorded by others, including Blake Shelton’s “God’s Country,” Dawson is more than satisfied to share this song himself. He adds, “I’m fired up that I get the chance to be the one to help tell this story — because when it’s this real, honest and true, the rest is easy. I found so much of myself in this story and in this song and I can’t wait to hear how other people find their story in it as well.”

Enjoy the music video for “I Got a Truck,” which Dawson wrote solo, then read our interview below the player.

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