Carrie Underwood on Her Halloween Burlap-Sack Situation

What She's Crafting and What She's Binge Watching

There comes a time in every mother’s life when she has no choice but to get in touch with her inner crafter and make a homemade Halloween costume. Because the stores don’t have what your kid wants to be.

Underwood admitted that that was probably going to be the case this Halloween, because her 5-year-old son Isaiah wants to be a character from a 1993 Tim Burton animated musical. (The same thing happened to me when my son wanted to be a pterodactyl at a time when the stores only sold costumes for every other kind of dinosaur. Velociraptor, triceratops, stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex. Literally everything but a pterodactyl.)

So I’ve been there, and I know what Underwood’s future holds.

In a recent interview with’s Katie & Company, Underwood shared what she might have to do this year. “I don’t know what we’re going to be for Halloween,” she said. “We’ve done the pumpkin-carving thing and stuff like that, so we’ve got some decorations. (Isaiah) says he wants to be Ooogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I’m having some trouble finding that costume. It only exists for adults. Lord help us if I have to make Ooogie Boogie. So, we’re gonna see. Maybe I’ll get a potato sack-type situation, a burlap sack. Maybe I can make one out of that, I’m not sure. Wish me luck!”

Last year, Isaiah was the Grinch — his mom was a Care Bear — and in years past, he has been a ghost, a little blue fish and more.
When the conversation turned to filling up the downtime at home during the quarantine, Underwood shared her thoughts on Yellowstone. “We do binge a little bit at night when the boys go to bed. They go to bed at about 8:00, and right now my husband (Mike Fisher) and I get to sit and watch a couple episodes of something. We really got into Yellowstone, and we binged that for a while. But then we had to watch this past season,” she said. “Appointment TV, I think is what they call it.

“I think the consensus in my family is that Rip (Wheeler) is the favorite. Because he does bad things, but it’s because he’s loyal. It’s like he can do terrible things like kill people, but it’s for the right reasons? Plus, he’s like a manly dude. A manly-man cowboy.”