Before This Brandy Clark Performance, Kelly Clarkson Was Freaking Out

Enjoy "Who You Thought I Was" from The Kelly Clarkson Show

When you’re considered “one of the best songwriters out there” by none other than Kelly Clarkson, it’s cool beans for Brandy Clark. During a visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show, Clark delivered a wonderful version of “Who You Thought I Was,” from her latest album, Your Life Is a Record … but not before some effusive praise from Clarkson herself.

As the superstar host exclaimed, “I’m so excited that you’re here! I literally have been freaking out since last night when I found out, I’m not kidding, and I was listening to your record all last night too.” And the pop icon wasn’t shy about tossing around phrases like “amazing” and “so awesome,” either.

Check out Brandy Clark’s superb performance of “Who You Thought I Was,” then take a look at Clark’s 2021 tour dates below the player.

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