With Joy and Love, Grace Potter Brings Fans to “Eachother (Together Mix)”

"It completely opened up the meaning of the song for me," she says.

A persuasive singer who’s always thoughtful with a phrase, Grace Potter has written one of the most poetic songs of the pandemic, simply titled “Eachother.” Now with the holidays upon us, she’s extended her warm spirit to her fan base, who provided their own inspiring footage for a new video, “Eachother (Together Mix).”

“While Thanksgiving is normally the time of the season for gathering together, many of us are not able to be with the ones we love in person,” Potter tells CMT.com. “I encourage us all to focus less on what we miss about ‘the way things used to be’ and more on creating new opportunities to invite joy and love in our hearts and homes.”

Enjoy “Eachother (Together Mix),” then read our interview with Grace Potter below the player.

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