Tim McGraw’s Christmas Tree Is Bigger Than Yours and We’ve Got the Picture to Prove It

Looks Like He Is Taking Christmas to the Next Level This Year

I’m no math whiz, but just eyeballing this Instagram picture Tim McGraw posted on Tuesday (Dec. 8) has me thinking this Christmas tree is around 1,000 feet tall. At least that’s how it looks in the picture McGraw posted as he was decorating the top of the tree, on a ladder that also looks 1,000 feet tall. And the whole thing is giving us accident-waiting-to-happen vibes. Even McGraw’s caption sums up the dangers of being up on a ladder that high:

“A: Santa’s lead flying reindeer,” McGraw wrote. “B: wife trying to get rid of me before Christmas.”

Either way, the guy knows his way around the top of the world. And it’s a hell of a view.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.