Blake Shelton Reflects on the Blessings He’s Had Since Moving to Nashville After High School

"I Don’t Think There’s a Word to Describe How Blessed or Fortunate I’ve Been," He Says

A lot of people may look at Blake Shelton and think of The Voice. Or of Gwen Stefani. Or of his sense of humor. Or of any of the other ways he’s made himself a household name.

But all Shelton ever really wanted was to hear himself on country radio. He told Billboard Country Update that when he moved to Nashville in the early 1990s, that was the only goal on his mind.

“I moved to Nashville after I graduated high school hoping to hear just one of my songs on country radio,” Shelton told Billboard. “I don’t think there’s a word to describe how blessed or fortunate I’ve been over these years.”

The first of Shelton’s songs to be considered a bona fide hit was nearly two decades ago. His debut single “Austin” was released in early 2001 and was his first No. 1.

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