Dolly Parton Recalls the Year She Got a Baby Brother for Christmas

The Story Behind the Sibling's Collaboration on “You Are My Christmas"

This is a break you’re definitely going to want to take. As part of Instagram’s #TakeABreak series, Dolly Parton is sharing some of her best Christmas memories and stories from her childhood.

Like the one year when she got a baby brother for Christmas.

She recalls getting a catalog in the mail that she considered the family’s Wish Book. “And in the toy section, they had a walking talking doll. You could feed it water, and it would pee and cry tears. We wanted one of those dolls so bad,” Parton says. “So my brother Randy was a December baby, so my mama said, ’Y’all wanted a walking talking doll that did all the stuff, come over here to see your new walking talking doll: we had our own baby that year.”

And now you can hear Parton and Randy sing together on “You Are My Christmas,” off her new album A Holly Dolly Christmas.

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