Luke Combs’ Team Says Thanks to Fans for Helping Them Survive Pandemic

WATCH: Six Minutes of the 21 Guys Behind the Scenes Saying Thanks

On the very first day of this new year, Luke Combs shared a new video with his fans. But this time, he’s not the star. He had 21 of the guys from his band and crew let the fans know that because of them, they’ve been able to survive the financial struggles of the pandemic. Because you bought the music, they say, they were able to put gas in their trucks, food on their tables, and a roof over their family’s heads.

“Hey guys. Luke here. Super glad it’s 2021,” Combs says at the start. “I just want to reiterate the things I used to say on stage — back when that was a thing — I always say on stage that I’m just the guy that gets to be the front of this whole operation. And there’s so many guys behind the scenes that make so many different things possible. The No. 1 thing that makes all of this go ’round is you guys: the fans.

“And so my guys you usually don’t hear from — not just the band but the crew, essentially everybody that I’ve had on payroll for the last year — just wanted to tell you guys a little something. I wanted to give those guys a chance to introduce themselves to the fans and say thank you for giving them the opportunity to survive and provide for their families this year.”

Watch the video below to hear from this cast:

Ethan, his tour manager. (Read more about the day Combs hired him here.)

Todd, his audio engineer.

Tyler, one of his band members.

JD, his guitar tech.

Matthew, his stage manager.

Dustin, one of his band members.

Delaney, the leader of his band.

Ed, his guitar tech.

Ken, from his security team.

Jake, one of his band members.

Dan, his audio tech.

Trevor, his camera op guy.

Rob, one of his band members.

Evan, his guitar tech.

Jerry, his production manager.

Zues, his monitor engineer.

RJ, his production assistant.

Tyler, from his security team.

David, his photographer.

Andrew, VIB coordinator.

Neil, one of his band members.