Luke Combs Opens Up About His Battle with Anxiety and Shares How He “Got Ahold” Of It

"Arming Yourself with the Knowledge of Exactly What's Going On Is the Most Important Thing," He Says

In a lot of ways, Luke Combs is just like all of us. In more ways than one.

“I like to think I’m a regular guy. There isn’t this big gap between me and the guy in the front row. There’s something super freeing about that, man. Just say what you believe. Write songs that you love. I just love country music. It’s what I love.”

That’s what Combs has to say on Wednesday night’s (Jan. 13) episode of The Big Interview with Dan Rather. But he also opens up for the first time about his struggles with anxiety dating back to the time he was in middle school, an issue that’s becoming more and more commonplace in adolescents and adults.

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