At 75, Dolly Parton Continues to Be the It Girl for Every Generation

Celebrating the Star's Birthday from "9 to 5" Across All CMT Socials

If you love Dolly Parton as much as we do, you will want to stay tuned to CMT’s social media all day long to see what we’ve come up with to celebrate her 75th birthday on Tuesday (Jan. 19).

To so many of us, Parton is as timeless and ageless as the country songs she writes. And she’s just as connected to the youngest fans of today as she was the minute she took the stage on the syndicated TV series The Porter Wagoner Show in 1967. The very first people to hear Parton sing on that show — and charm the world with her voice, her playing, and her self-deprecating humor — might be in their seventies right now, but Parton has a devoted following from every generation that has followed.

In fact, she had the It factor from the day one, and we’ve yet to see it fade. When Parton was born on this day in 1946 in a one-room cabin on the Little Pigeon River in Locust Ridge, Tennessee, her family may not have known how much grace, glamour and good-heartedness she was going to bring into the world. But by now, there’s no disputing that Parton is an absolute treasure to us all.

Enjoy some of our favorite videos from Parton’s vast collection, and follow CMT on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all Dolly all day. Or as we’re calling it, #DollyDay.

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