Breland’s “My Truck” Goes Platinum But He’s Not The Only One Singing About Trucks

Country songs about trucks have risen five percent in the past 20 years

Singer songwriter Breland’s 2020 single “My Truck” has finally been certified as a platinum-selling single. As both Breland’s own track and his remix with Sam Hunt, the honkytonk-meets-hip-hop hybrid hit won over many listeners because it praises many country fans’ favorite transportation form.

As it turns out, neither Breland nor Hunt are alone in loving a “V8 engine with the windows tinted.”

A recent survey analyzed over 16,000 country songs across five decades, discovering that just over 4 percent of those songs were dedicated to trucks or trucking. Dig even deeper and realize that this means that there are roughly 660 country songs — 2,600 minutes or 43 hours of non-stop listening — dedicated to the subject. Moreover, a boom in truck-related country music has occurred in the past two decades. Since 2000, there has been a five percent rise in truck songs compared to all years previous to 2000.

Also intriguing to note is that of current country hitmakers, Miranda Lambert stands out as the only female artist to crack the top 20 for overall truck references in songs. Seventeen percent of her songs feature truck references.

If interested in more truck-related hit-song data, check out “Truck Yeah! 50 years of country music and truckin’,” here.