Niko Moon Teams Up With Grammy Winner Shaggy To Catch A “Good Time”

Niko Moon is also a co-writer on Dierks Bentley’s track “Gone”

Niko Moon already has a Top 10 hit with his debut single “Good Time,” but now he’s partnered with Grammy winner Shaggy—known for 2000’s inescapable pop hits “Angel” and “It Wasn’t Me”—to up the ante on the upbeat hit.

The new rendition was recorded remotely due to the pandemic, and pairs Moon’s smooth, soothing voice with Shaggy’s energetic ad libs.

“We worked on this song entirely remotely, which made it a lot of fun. I love Shaggy’s music and his whole vibe,” Moon said. “I found we are both perfectionists when it comes to our work, and we really dialed in to every detail. This is my first collaboration and I had a blast. I loved getting two creative minds together. We’re in completely different genres but both love having a good time!”

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