Kelsea Ballerini Gets Star-Struck Around Miranda Lambert, Like All Of Us Would

Ballerini tells Kelly Clarkson about an unfortunate incident involving a broken wine glass at the 2020 CMA Awards

Kelsea Ballerini’s well on her way to cementing herself as a Nashville superstar. However, she — like all of us — still looks at those who have established the standard she’s chasing in awe. Therefore, the story Ballerini recently told Kelly Clarkson about her most recent interaction with established country star Miranda Lambert at the 2020 CMA Awards ceremony makes sense.

“I embarrass myself a lot,” Ballerini candidly stated while appearing on Kelly Clarkson’s talk program on January 29th. “I don’t know Miranda Lambert very well…so I still get really nervous around her cause I’m like I just want to be her friend, and I was talking to her manager, and you know those really expensive wine glasses that are like paper thin like your scared to hold them cause you think they’re going to shatter in your hands…Miranda’s here, her manager’s here, and I’m here, and I’m drinking it and shatters.”

Yes, while that may be wildly shocking and bizarrely hilarious, the aftermath was even wilder. Continuing, Ballerini said, “It hit my tooth, and it shattered in my mouth. In my mouth. Cut my lip, and I had to like spit out the bloody glass and run to the bathroom in front of her, and I think everyone was like, ‘Did she just eat glass like is that a thing that she does?’”

When not stunning people or swallowing glass shards in public, Lambert and Ballerini certainly deserve to know each other after their outstanding past years. For Ballerini, she released two albums — kelsea and ballerini — in the past year. Those releases included her single “Hole In The Bottle,” which has reached the Hot Country Charts Top 10. For Lambert, her single “Bluebird” was a Country Airplay number-one hit, plus she won the CMA Award for Video of the Year.

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