Carly Pearce And Kelsea Ballerini Are Tweeting About Tiera and You Need to Know Who She Is

Country favorites highlight a fast-rising, singer-songwriter star

Country music stars have been spending their quarantines both creating and listening to a ton of new music. Artists like Luke Bryan and Eric Church are releasing new tunes and planning massive album releases, respectively. However, for artists Carly Pearce and Kelsea Ballerini, they’ve taken different action. They’re tweeting about new country artists and songs, elevating the visibility of fast-rising Nashville talents.

Pearce and Ballerini’s most recent support and interest tweets are for Tiera, the African-American vocalist behind singles like “Shut It Down.” They’re not the only ones in support. CMT named her to their 2020 AND 2021 Listen Up classes. Highlighting her as one of their ten artists to watch for 2021, Spotify also noted her work as the flagship songwriter for the female-focused Songs & Daughters publishing. Moreover, she has an EP release planned for March 2021.

As for Pearce and Ballerini, they’ve both had promising starts to the new year. Pearce’s 2019-released Lee Brice duet “I Hope You’re Happy Now” reached the top of Billboard’s Hot Country chart in 2020. As well, the song won a CMA Award for Musical Event of the Year. Ballerini’s Shania Twain duet “Hole In A Bottle” is maintaining popularity since its year-end release. In a recent appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show, she also performed “Love Me Like A Girl,” a single from kelsea, one of the two albums she released last year.

As for Tiera, she’s been recently spotted in the studio working with the platinum-selling singer-songwriter Breland. The two revealed on social media that they’ll release the song “Miles” on Feb. 12.

Tiera has also released an acoustic take on her single “Found It In You” and eclipsed 100 episodes of her Apple Music podcast program.