Jimmie Allen Once Turned Down a $1.5 Million Advance

The rising country superstar has set a steady, impressive course to success while quarantined

Country star Jimmie Allen is setting a road to superstardom marked by a consistent string of well-regarded hits and a mind-blowing level of hustle towards success. Currently, Allen is quarantining and pulling 20-hour workdays while also helping his fiancée, Alexis Gale, raise his five-year-old son Aadyn and their nearly year-old daughter Naomi.

In a recent interview with Coop’s Radio Show’s Coop Tabler, Allen, who has kicked off 2021 with Brad Paisley collaboration “Freedom is a Highway,” broke down how his busy schedule hasn’t slowed his grind towards increased acclaim.

This year and beyond for Jimmie Allen involves setting up both himself and his family for success. Currently, his workload includes preparing a steady stream of singles and albums (“five a year, at a minimum”), plus a concert tour, a children’s book, two television programs, and a feature film.

For as much as Allen’s success is keyed by having a plan and his often-referenced friendship with the late, groundbreaking country legend Charley Pride, he also has learned much from his own industry travels in his decade as a mainstream performer.

To Tabler, he recalls a tale that showcases his resolve to stay true to his personal ideals of navigating the road to success in the country music industry.

“I once turned down a record deal from a label in Los Angeles that was going to give me a $1.5 million advance,” he shared. “I turned down that deal because their vision [of my career] didn’t fit mine. It’s bigger than the money. It’s about being happy and doing what I love. It’s about going to sleep every night being proud of the decisions I make every day.”