Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Says Solo Projects “Make Us Stronger” As Duo Prepares To Release New Album

"I think this season of growth for both of us is going to be amazing," Hubbard tells fans

“It feels like it’s only going to make us stronger and able to grow outside of our typical boundary that we’ve set, our FGL box that we’ve built for ourselves over the last decade. We were always a package deal. With that comes moments where you can’t quite grow on both sides. And so I think this season of growth for both of us is going to be amazing, and it already has been amazing.”

For as much as Florida Georgia Line are preparing Life Goes On — their fifth studio album — for a Friday, February 12 release, as noted above, Tyler Hubbard is also eagerly looking forward to the future, too. While a guest on Tim McGraw’s “Beyond The Influence Radio” on Apple Music Country, Hubbard spoke openly about the uniqueness of his and duo-mate Brian Kelley’s creative process.

Kelley is also looking forward to the band’s development. Hubbard highlighted a recent conversation between them where they explained how “exhilarating freedom channels creativity,” and how it opens the door for “experiencing a really cool wave of creativity on our own” that the group can “grow, nurture, and support.”

Tim McGraw agreed, noting, “My wife and I’ve done three or four tours together, made albums together, and then we go our separate ways and do our own work. Perhaps the media and the outside world’s a big deal, but to us in the industry, we know that that that’s what creatives do.”

In January, Hubbard made a guest appearance on “Undivided,” a bonus song on Tim McGraw’s album Here on Earth. As a tandem, Kelley and Hubbard’s single “Long Live” is their sixteenth top-ten single on Billboard’s Country Airplay charts.