Brad Paisley’s New Single “Off Road” Celebrates Women Not “Staying In Their Lane”

The West Virginia native's latest single kicks off his action-packed 2021

Brad Paisley continues to deliver heartfelt singles in 2021. His latest, “Off Road,” is his first solo output of the year. The empowering, guitar-led track concerns a woman making a cross-country move to follow her dreams and live life on her own terms.

In announcing the single via Instagram, Paisley said, “So I’ve been spending a bunch of time in the studio and I finally got some new music for you, and it’s gonna come out tomorrow,” he said. “There’s a song called ’Off Road’ that’s about every girl that won’t stay in her lane, every girl that busts through roadblocks to get where she wants to go. You know who you are, I hope you love it.”

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