Keith Urban Writes “Sleep Song” for Calm Relaxation App

The Australian country star, already a fan of meditative music, joins other celebrities in creating peaceful tunes

Twenty solo number one singles into a legendary and three-decade-long country career, and Keith Urban may have crafted — with the aid of relaxation app Calm — his most unique song to date. Titled “I Am Home,” the song is an hour-long song, and aside from helping its listeners calm their nerves, it will ideally put them to sleep.

Featuring “dreamy, ethereal vocals and winding guitars to drift users into rest,” the inspiration for the track was derived from Urban’s own use of meditative music to help him rest. Creating the song was “different from anything I’ve done before,” Urban told the UK’s Sun newspaper. The top-selling country artist joins musicians and celebrities Harry Styles, LeBron James, Laura Dern, Matthew McConaughey, and Kelly Rowland as those who have created sleep tracks for the app.

“Without having to focus on guitar riffs, a hit chorus, or a three-minute time frame, I approached the song from a vibratory place – the key and tempo, speed of the chord changes – I just went with what I felt flowed and what I would want if I wanted to bring my energy down,” he continued.

Last year saw Keith Urban host the Academy of Country Music’s Awards program in September, as well as score two top-20 country hits, with P!nk duet “One Too Many,” as well as “God Whispered Your Name.” Australian-born and based Urban has not had many of the same quarantine woes as his American fanbase. However, after the country’s recent mandatory quarantine, he and his wife Nicole Urban were spotted taking in Opera Australia’s Merry Widow production at the famed Sydney Opera House.

To access Keith Urban’s latest production, download Calm for Apple and Android by clicking here.