Shania Twain, Like Taylor Swift, Is a Big Fan of Pop Trio Haim

The Haim sisters tell the Canadian legend her music was a "focal point of [their] musical upbringing"

Country legend Shania Twain’s constant desire to expand the scope and reach of country music is well known and regarded. After recently being impressed by sister trio Haim’s cover of her quarter-century-old hit “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” Twain is interested in adding Este, Danielle and Alana Haim to the already impressive list of artists with whom she’s collaborated.

During a recent appearance on the group’s Apple Music show “Haim Time,” Twain and Danielle Haim exchanged charming back-and-forth banter during an interview. “In Australia, you guys did this radio show with ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ version. I so love that,” Twain said. “I’m inspired by that. I want to tell you, no, I’m serious. I want to do that in my show like that. I just start it off like that. I so want to do that. So I’m stealing that.”

“Steal it, please,” Danielle Haim responded. “Take it. Biggest honor ever. Honor of all time.”

“I’m really inspired by it, and I want you guys to join me because I’m doing that version,” Twain said. “So we should work out a way.” Este Haim chimed in, asking, “Are you kidding?” Twain’s response? “No, I’m serious.”

Haim’s country music credibility has significantly increased of late. They are featured on Taylor Swift’s most recent album, Evermore, on the murder-mystery song “No Body, No Crime.” As well, Swift is featured on a newly-released remix of their single “Gasoline.”

However, regarding the budding relationship between Haim and Twain, Danielle and Este Haim also noted, “I know that you hear this all the time. But honestly, my sisters and I, and also my parents, your music was such a focal point of our musical upbringing. To this day, we still put on your records and your songs.”