Kane Brown Tells A Charming, Yet Surprising Story About His First Kiss

The country star's trailer-park childhood was "probably the best time of [his] life"

“My first kiss…I was in a trailer park and I was like 7 years old and she was like 13.”

In a recent interview with comedian Theo Von on YouTube, country star Kane Brown reminisced on his surprising first kiss, with his neighbor, while living in the trailer park that his nana owned. Continuing, he noted, “Mine was like everybody’s first kiss, it was like I left, I didn’t stay and I don’t even think I talked to her again after that. It was like a okay, that was cool.”

Continuing regarding his wild childhood, which he called “honestly probably the best time of my life,” Brown recalls his punishment for being caught smoking cigarettes. “My papaw made me eat the pack afterwards, he made me literally chew the whole pack.”

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