Premiere: Leigh Nash and Ruby Amanfu Call For Unity in New Song “Good Trouble”

“Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and to be seen, on both sides of the table, is where we have to begin,” Amanfu says

Sixpence None the Richer lead singer Leigh Nash teamed with Ruby Amanfu and Matt Maher to craft the new ballad “Good Trouble,” inspired by the words of the late Congressman John Lewis, whose “Get in good trouble” quote became both a call to action to dismantle systemic racism, and a source of hope for generations.

The sparse video clip allows the song’s powerful lyrics to take center stage, as Amanfu and Nash face each other, singing words of pain, acknowledgement, hope and reconciliation.

My skin is alabaster and I understand what that means there’s history in my color and a burden in being this free/and the burden is the wall between you and me, Nash sings in the first verse.

Amanfu adds her own experience in the second verse, singing, I’ve grown tired of being so careful/of singing my truth with soft words.

The chorus churns with hope and determination as Nash and Amanfu join voices: Love is still turning over tables and love still makes the blinded eye see/There’s a healing that is waiting in the water/that’s still making saints out of rebels/my God is still making good trouble

Amanfu and Nash told about the making of the video, which was directed by Tim Cofield:

What do you remember about the day/night you shot this video?

Amanfu: What I remember most about the day we shot this video is not feeling nervous but instead feeling driven. There was so much purpose around that moment and I could feel that in the energy in the room. It was unlike any other music video I have ever been a part of. The other videos I’ve made were fun and had a purpose as well—but this one felt like it had a larger purpose – bigger than me.

Nash: The energy between Ruby and I was intense and very emotional. I’ve never experienced that in front of a camera before.

How does the video bring your song to life?

Amanfu: The lyrics of our song are not lyrics that you can say while hiding. They are lyrics that you have to expose yourself to share and it’s really about confessing painful truths that exist in our society, then revealing hope for a way through that pain. In our music video, Leigh and I were facing each other the entire time. I feel like that is where we have to begin within this journey. We have to be face-to-face. We have to look each other in the eye and not be afraid to do so, either. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and to be seen, on both sides of the table, is where we have to begin. Singing those poignant lyrics face to face really encapsulated that.

Nash: The energy between us, the words of the song being as vulnerable as they are sung to each other, face to face is very powerful. The video enhances the energy the song already carries.

What message do you hope your fans take away from the video?

Amanfu: The message I hope people take away from this is that we have to have courage reach across the aisle and walk out onto the same bridge, with the motivating love that has been gifted to us by our joint Creator; God, The Divine, The Universe; call that force what you may. We have to cry together – although some will be shedding tears about pain inflicted upon them, while others will be shedding tears about pain they may have caused. I hope that we can humble ourselves and take our armor off, one conversation at a time. Unity is never going to happen overnight, nor will it happen for all…but it will not happen at all unless we begin – one, raw conversation at a time.

Nash: Look deep within. Be honest with yourself if you’ve been blind to racial issues. The song is about reaching out, love and hope for a racial reckoning. Ruby said beautifully the other day, it’s more that something needs to be broken, than fixed. Like a bone when broken heals back stronger, rather than just continually bandaging an old wound.

How did it feel to see the finished product for the first time?

Amanfu: Seeing the finished product was epic! Tim is a brilliant director and the entire team did a brilliant job. I have a feeling that making a music video of this particular song held a particular weight and relevance for all involved…

Nash: Well I cried, but that’s not all that unusual. I’m always stunned by Ruby’s presence and beautiful voice! The song takes right, and I think that is visible between us.