Country Star Parents Maren Morris And Ryan Hurd Gush Over Their Son’s First Words

The married couple discuss parenthood and their latest single "Chasing After You"

When not enjoying the out-of-the-gate success of their first collaboration, “Chasing After You,” country star artist couple Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd are — as new parents often do — eagerly anticipating the moment that their child takes their first step and forms their first sentence.

While guests on’s The Ride with Kimo and Heather Hurd noted that their nearly year-old son Hayes “isn’t walking just yet, but he’s close.” Morris added, “He’s fast. We can’t look away because he is just across the room in a second now.”

As far as that all-important first sentence, Hurd notes that Hayes “[is] a babbler. He’s saying ’mama’ and ’dada'” but has yet to connect the words to his mother and father. “I think he’s figuring out who is who,” Morris adds.

As their latest single, Morris relates that “Chasing After You” “had been around for a while,” was “a beautiful song,” and that its “longing vibe” attracted both of them to the song. Hurd adds, “Originally Maren said she wanted to be a part of it when we were in the Caymans, our first trip we ever took together, so… it’s a long time coming, but it feels really cool that people can finally hear it.”

However, like most artists of late, Maren Morris — as much as she’s putting out new music and enjoying raising her son — wants to get back to performing live.

“It just seems so far away, and I know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel now and like people are starting to book shows again, little by little,” she says. Regarding how she’ll mark her return performance, CMA and ACM’s 2020 Female Artist of the Year offers an emotional response. “The first thing I’m gonna do is probably just cry through the entire set.”