Breland Returns With Biographical New Single, “Cross Country”

The "My Truck" singer sets his style more deeply in country's roots -- but aware of other sounds -- on latest single

After a year that saw his single “My Truck” break out as a least-anticipated to most-wanted, platinum-selling country smash, Breland — the Atlanta-based and New Jersey-born singer-songwriter — has returned with “Cross Country,” a bold, genre-crossing single that shows the artist ready to “legitimately be and do whoever and whatever I want,” as he tells Rolling Stone in a recent interview.

“I felt like this song was an opportunity for me to tell my story and hopefully inspire other people to tell their stories,” he explained. “What’s so beautiful about country music as a genre is that it’s one of the only genres, other than maybe hip-hop, where you can legitimately tell your story, and people will listen to that and respect it.”

He continues, “I felt like “Cross Country” could be more of the folky, singer-songwritery, acoustic thing. As a vocalist, people haven’t heard a whole lot of that from me, just me singing for real.”

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