Blanco Brown Is Still Recovering From 2020 Motorcycle Accident, But Making New Music

"The Git Up" singer and Parmalee collaborator reflects on his incredible recovery

Yes, Blanco Brown’s star is rising. The Atlanta-born performer’s three country singles — TikTok viral “The Get Up, Parmalee duet “Just The Way,” and Diplo collaboration “Do Si Do” — are all catchy ear-wormers. However, on August 31, 2020, he severely injured his arms, wrists, legs, and pelvis in a near-tragic, head-on, late-night motorcycle collision with a 1998 Ford Ranger in western Atlanta. Six months later, he’s in physical therapy 3-5 days per week, plus putting the finishing touches on a new single arriving in June and a “joyous” album arriving in the fall.

Brown ties his undaunted spirit in the midst of such a depressing moment to heavenly inspiration. As the artist tells Billboard Magazine, “I definitely feel like having another chance at life is God’s purpose for me and his will, so I can’t do nothing but keep on making great music that has a meaning. The accident, it solidified that you’re here for this purpose: ’Keep it going. Don’t stop what you’re doing. Don’t let this put a damper on what you do and how you shine, and the joy you have. Just continue to be a blessing.'”

Brown’s nearly month-long post-accident ICU stay was particularly harrowing. Regarding the early moments, the singer-songwriter recalls, “There’s nothing more real than laying there and you hear the doctor say, ’If we don’t get him blood, he’s not going to make it,’ and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Brown continues, “That was a moment. I could only lay there. I was like, ’Please don’t let me leave.'”I couldn’t move at all. I couldn’t turn in the bed. I had external pipes sticking out of my body, holding my pelvis together. I had to learn how to do simple things. I couldn’t feed myself.”

The popular performer has refused to give up. Small tokens of support from the country music industry have yielded vital motivation. Tim McGraw’s signed black cowboy hat and personal note are the most notable. “To tell you the truth, I got the hat, and it made me feel great about everything. It made me want to get up, but I couldn’t!”