Tim McGraw Turns Family Road Trip Into Eagles Jam Session

McGraw recently revealed why the Eagles' "I Can't Tell You Why" is one of his favorites

McGraw recently took a road trip to Napa with his half-brothers Mark and Matthew, and they turned the long drive into their own personal carpool karaoke time.

McGraw shared a brief video of the three siblings in a car, joining in to sing the Eagles classic “Hotel California.”

The trio even coordinated their clothing, thanks to McGraw’s better half Faith Hill, who got the guys Adidas track suits for the trip.

McGraw, a longtime fan of the Eagles, recently opened up to Forbes about how the Eagles’ music has influenced his own.

“Anytime I’m by myself and I want to listen to music the first thing I do is put on Eagles Greatest Hits and they’ve influenced my music in a lot of different ways. Sure there have been plenty of other influences — I’m a huge Merle Haggard fan, a huge George Strait fan, a huge Phil Collins fan. All those things have made impacts on me, but let’s not forget there’s a lot of country music in the Eagles. I think when you take into consideration the lyrics, the melodies, the harmonies, the musicianship, it’s some of the best music ever made in my opinion.”

McGraw has previously covered the Eagles’ “I Can’t Tell You Why” during his shows and told Forbes why the song is one of those he wishes he had written.

“It’s got one of my favorite lines of all time in it. Nothing’s wrong as far as I can see/we make it harder than it has to be. One of the simplest lines, but one of the greatest music lines of all time.”