CMT to Premiere ‘Midland: The Sonic Ranch Documentary’ on March 19

An accompanying soundtrack will chronicle the first music the trio recorded

Before earning radio hits such as 2017’s Platinum-certified “Drinkin’ Problem,” and churning out progressive-meets-retro, barroom-ready songs such as “Mr. Lonely” and “Cheating Songs” on their 2019 sophomore project, Midland’s Mark Wystrach, Jess Carson and Cameron Duddy formed the group during a series of recording sessions in Texas back in 2014.

Duddy—also a filmmaker and music video director known for his work with Bruno Mars—had been tasked with filming as Wystrach and Carson entered a studio in Texas to create music and see if they could create a sonic style uniquely their own. Duddy ended up spending less time behind the camera and more time joining Wystrach and Carson in making music—and ultimately, officially joining as a member.

The trio has never done anything according to textbook standards, and now, they will give fans a look at the group’s genesis, via an upcoming documentary, Midland: The Sonic Ranch Documentary.

Duddy recalled those early sessions in a statement, saying “We weren’t 100% when we walked in the door, beyond Mark and Jess were going to record these songs and see what this sound really was. By the time we walked out, all three of us knew this was a sound that didn’t exist, and it was a kind of country music we really loved.”

“The idea Cam wanted to come along for the ride was really fortuitous,” Wystrach added. “He has such a strong eye for story and shots, so he almost can’t help himself. When we went back to just look at how we started, we couldn’t believe what was on film. Suddenly, there was all this footage of how groups are born, sounds come into being and honestly, all the stuff that goes into growing a band.”

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