Miranda Lambert Lists Tammy Wynette, Allison Moorer Among Her Musical Influences

Lambert will perform at the upcoming Grammy Awards on Sunday night

Miranda Lambert is helping celebrate International Women’s Day by dishing on some of the amazing women who have helped shape her and her music.

“Definitely my grandma and my mom,” Lambert told radio.com’s Kelly Ford during a recent interview. “And then my mom has these three best friends that I call my ‘aunts,’ kind of—because that’s what they are. I’ve been hanging out with them since I was a little wee child and I feel like they’ve helped shape me…I’ve watched them go through life and see them be strong together and sort of create their tribe. So, it’s very inspiring.”

When it comes to music, she also named Country Music Hall of Fame member Tammy Wynette and critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Allison Moorer as two examples of artists she looks up to.

“The list goes on and on,” Lambert said, “But to name just a few, obviously Tammy Wynette was one of those for me. The other day I was having a conversation with someone about ‘Stand By Your Man’…about the content of that song. We both realized that she does say, ‘After all he’s just a man.’ I was like, ‘I never heard it that way,’ but Tammy knew. She was being encouraging, but she knew…after all, he’s just a man. Now, I hear that song in such a different way.”

Moorer has released nine studio albums, including her striking projects Alabama Song (1998) and The Hardest Part (2000). Of Moorer, Lambert says she “was one of those female songwriters that broke my heart for the first time, and I didn’t know girls could do that. I just heard the pain in her voice.”

“I think a big part of why we can stay strong is because we have a tribe and we can lean on each other,” Miranda says pointedly. “You can’t be strong every day, you can’t be confident every day. There’s doubts and insecurities, but I feel like when you surround yourself with other strong women who get you out of your funk and go ’you can do this,’ that’s the reason I think we can take over the world.”

Lambert is one of several female country artists set to perform at the upcoming Grammy Awards on March 14 , which will air on CBS. Lambert also recently announced her forthcoming project The Marfa Tapes, as well as a new bar and restaurant to open in Nashville.