Carrie Underwood’s Husband Mike Fisher Gives Her The “Perfect Birthday Gift”

Underwood’s sons, Isaiah and Jacob, also gifted the singer-songwriter with handmade cards

Carrie Underwood received the “perfect” birthday gift for her 38th birthday on March 10, courtesy of husband Mike Fisher.

On Wednesday, Fisher shared a snapshot on Instagram of Underwood giving a bewildered look to the camera while wearing a shirt that reads “I don’t need Google, my husband knows everything.”

Fisher captioned the photo with “Perfect birthday gift no.”

Underwood shared a birthday photo of herself wearing the shirt, but this time sitting next to a birthday cake decorated with pink hearts. She also shared photos of homemade cards she received from the couple’s two sons, Isaiah (6) and Jacob (2).

One photo showed a green birthday card from Isaiah which read “Happy birthday mom. I love you mom so so so much.” Underwood shared the photo with the caption, “Isaiah was so excited to give me the card he made.”

Another photo showed a red handmade card with scribbles. “Jake made this one (big bro helped),” Underwood explained in a caption.

She also shared a photo of flowers she was gifted, with a card envelope that reads “Mommy.”

Underwood also took to social media to reflect on her birthday and what it means to reach the milestone.

“I am not 38 years old,” she said. “I am not 38 years young. I am 38 years strong. 38 years awesome! 38 years wise. 38 years accomplished. 38 years happy! 38 years amazing!!! I am 38 years blessed…thank you, Lord, for all the trips around the sun! Love all the birthday wishes! ❤️❤️ Happy birthday to me!”