Maren Morris Talks Diversity in Country Music: “I Just Want To Exist in a Genre That Is Working To Be Better”

Morris recently visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show ahead of her performance on Sunday’s Grammy Awards

Maren Morris has become as well-known for her fierce advocacy of female artists and artists of color in country music as she has for genre-bending radio smashes like “The Bones” and “The Middle.”

On Thursday, March 11, Morris visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and spoke with DeGeneres about diversity in country music, saying, “We all have so much room to grow, myself included.” Morris also noted that she has been compelled to speak out and use her platform to help spur change in the musical genre, and that she has “been doing so much of my own homework the last couple of years,” particularly following the death of George Floyd in May 2020.

“I’m a white woman in country music. I already have this sort of leg up,” she said during her discussion with DeGeneres. “Even though there’s this huge disparity between men and women in our genre, there is even more of a disparity between white women and Black women trying to be in country music. And there’s so many Black women and men who adore country music and don’t feel like the door is open for them even a crack. So I’ve just been doing so much of my own homework the last couple of years, especially since George Floyd. I just feel like country music as a genre, we all have so much room to grow, myself included, but I think country music is stepping up to the plate, slowly but surely.”

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