Lathan Warlick To Release Collaboration With Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard on Friday

Warlick has previously released music with RaeLynn, Matt Stell

After previous collaborations with artists including RaeLynn and Matt Stell, newcomer Lathan Warlick is set to reveal his latest musical collaboration—this time with Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard on a track called “My Way”—on March 19.

Warlick penned what he calls “a summer jam” with RaeLynn, Hubbard, Blake Hubbard and Jarrod Ingram.

“With this single, we really had it our way,” says Warlick. “It was so great working with Tyler! This song is how we’d both spend our Friday, living free and having fun.”

“I’m team Lathan all day – I was a huge fan before, and I feel like I have a new brother after this,” adds Hubbard. “We wanted to write a fun one that had a good, positive feel. It’s a summer jam. I just envision everybody riding around with the windows down, blasting this song, and forgetting all their worries for a little bit.”

Jackson, Tennessee native Warlick previously teamed up with RaeLynn on “Roots,” Stell on “Over Yonder,” and with Granger Smith on a remix of Smith’s “That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads.”

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