Marty Stuart Previews New Album ‘Songs I Sing in the Dark’ With Crystal Gayle Cover

Stuart is one of the latest member inductees of the Country Music Hall of Fame

Marty Stuart is giving fans an early listen to his upcoming 20-song acoustic album, Songs I Sing in the Dark, via a cover of Crystal Gayle’s 1978 No. 1 hit “Ready For The Times To Get Better,” penned by Allen Reynolds.

“The title says it all,” he says of the album. “What that really means is these are just songs I sing to myself, just entertain myself at the end of the day a lot of times—obscure songs, old favorites, just to kind of keep the dust knocked off of them and remember them…and it’s a great way to explore new material I’ve written,” he said. “When country music does it’s job, it truly is a reflection of the human condition in the world in which we live and I think every soul on planet earth is ready for times to get better.”

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