Kane Brown’s Daughter Has Taught Him That “True Love” Exists

"If anybody ever got between me and my daughter, I don't know what would go on," says the platinum-selling vocalist

“I have learned to be patient, but I’ve also learned that there’s true love. And if anybody ever got between me and my daughter, I don’t know what would go on.”

Kane Brown’s a multi-platinum selling country superstar, a devoted husband, and quite the doting dad.

In a recent People interview, the “Worldwide Beautiful” vocalist noted, “[My daughter is] super chill, kind of like me. [She’s] just laid back, and if she gets mad, she’s super easy to cheer up real quick.”

Eighteen months into being his first child’s — his daughter Kingsley Rose — father, Brown, and his wife, Katelyn, have learned many unforgettable lessons. He admits that “being a dad isn’t always easy.” As well, he notes that his family’s expansion has “brought him a huge amount of joy.” Brown continues, “Kingsley has completely changed our lives. I know when I get home, and I’m exhausted, just holding her makes my day completely better.”

Regarding life at home with his daughter, the new father recalls an adorable tale. “The other day, we were sitting by the pool, and [Brown’s 2020 single] ’Be Like That’ came on the radio, and she was doing her thing. And then, all of a sudden, she turned her head and started walking towards the speaker, so it was cool to realize she recognized the song. It just made my day.”

If thinking that Kingsley Rose would be the only child for Kane and Katelyn Brown, think again. “[Kingsley Rose] is the easiest baby, and we’re just worried about our second one,” Brown said. “This one’s so easy that the next one’s probably going to be crazy — at least that’s how everybody tells us it happens.”