Leslie Jordan Talks Meeting Dolly Parton: “I Just Adored Her”

Parton and Jordan collaborate on Jordan's album Company's Comin'

Country music’s most unlikely star-to-watch of 2021 could be actor-to-social media standout Leslie Jordan, with his just-released album of gospel country standards, Company’s Comin’. The Chattanooga, Tennessee-born star of Will & Grace and American Horror Story fame has another Tennessee-born icon — Dolly Parton—as a guest for collaboration on the release of Willie Nelson’s 1976-released song “Where the Soul Never Dies.”

Regarding the experience of working with the legend, Jordan told the Los Angeles Times, “I couldn’t even breathe. I went over there, and she was all dolled up for a Christmas special that she did. And we sat there, and even though we were masked and socially distant, we just glommed on to one another. And people said, ’What’s she like?’ Well, you know exactly what she’s like. You don’t have to meet her to know what she’s like. I just adored her.”

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