Blake Shelton Shares Entertaining Moment “[Making] New Buddies” With an Opossum on Social Media

The avid outdoorsman has also recently shared photos of his fishing exploits from his private lake

We’ve all been there. Grilling on the deck, preparing an eagerly-anticipated culinary delight. Then, we turn our back for a second, and a backyard creature has scampered off to enjoy our meal.

While Blake Shelton was taking a second away from releasing a 20th Anniversary version of his single “Austin” and being a judge on this season of The Voice, his backyard patio grill fell prey to an invasion from a hungry, nosy opossum.

“Guess I’m making a frozen pizza…,” Shelton wrote on Twitter. Later, he shared a video showing him petting the opossum and making friends. “I made a new buddy!” Shelton captioned the clip, adding, “(Also I don’t recommend petting wild animals… It just so happens that I have the vodka reflexes of a rattlesnake!!!!).”

The Oklahoma-based artist’s recent amazing interactions with the animal kingdom have not just been limited to the backyard, though. Via Twitter, the avid outdoorsman and fisherman was recently lake fishing and posted a shot holding a monster paddlefish that he apparently caught. “I’ll bet some of y’all have never heard of a paddlefish,” Shelton wrote. “We got them here in my home state! Y’all come to Oklahoma where the outdoors are always open!”

Also, regarding his fishing exploits, in September, Shelton partnered with the Fostering Outdoor Oklahoma Families program to teach foster children about bass fishing in his private lake. He educated them about filleting and frying their catches. Fostering Outdoor Oklahoma Families representatives noted via Facebook, “Thank you, Blake, for being so generous and taking time to invest in the children from your home state by showing them what outdoor Oklahoma is all about.”