Travis Tritt Says Jumping on Tables Helped Launch His Music Career

“I realized ‘Man, I gotta do something to get these people’s attention,’" says the “T-R-O-U-B-L-E" vocalist

While promoting his upcoming May 7 album Set In Stone, multi-platinum selling artist Travis Tritt revisited the early days of his country music career in a new interview for Audacy’s Coop’s Rockin’ Saturday Night program.

Regarding breaking through in what was then — and will always be — an ever-crowded country music marketplace, the “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” vocalist had quite the audacious strategy:

“I realized ‘Man, I gotta do something to get these people’s attention,’ because I was just kind of background music that they weren’t really paying attention to. [So] I went down to…the biggest music store around me…and I bought a brand new Fender twin amplifier, and I bought a Stratocaster guitar and a 100-foot long guitar cord,” he recalled. “I brought that back to my stage, and by that third set, I pulled out that Stratocaster, and I would literally run out and jump on top of people’s tables. I’m kickin’ empty beer bottles over, the whole deal. They had no choice.”

The idea obviously worked, as Tritt built a sturdy music career based on heavy touring and No. 1 hits including “Help Me Hold On,” “Anymore,” and “Foolish Pride.”

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