Jordan Davis Teases A Collaboration With Luke Bryan on His Upcoming EP

The upcoming EP also includes the John Prine-penned track "Blow Up Your TV"

“Almost Maybes” hitmaker Jordan Davis is prepping for his upcoming EP Buy Dirt (which releases May 21) and he will welcome country superstar Luke Bryan on the project’s title track.

Davis recalls that the two artists first met an an awards show, and over the years they have run into each other at golf courses.

“We sat around the fire after a golf tournament one day, smoking cigars and talking about everything but music,” Davis recalls. “That conversation always stuck with me. Luke isn’t just a great entertainer; he’s a great Dad, a great husband, and a great friend, too. That’s what ’Buy Dirt’ embodies. When I wrote ’Buy Dirt,’ I knew he could relate to the song’s message. I took a chance and asked him to join me on the recording, and he said yes.”

Davis co-wrote nearly every track on the eight-song EP, with the exception of the John Prine-penned “Blow Up Your TV.”

“For the longest time I feel like I had been chasing music that I loved and that made me happy but I kind of lost a little bit of what I want to do as songwriter,” he says in a new video clip. “One of the positive things that came out of this whole shutdown has been me being able to kind of recenter and refocus on why I love songwriting…which led to [writing] ’Buy Dirt.'”

Later this year, Davis will open shows on Kane Brown’s Blessed and Free Tour.

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