5 Songs That Address Mental Health

Brett Eldredge, David Nail and Morgan Wade are a few artists who have been open about caring for mental health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and especially as the world continues to weather a global pandemic, some music artists have been open about their experiences struggling with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Some artists address these topics not only in interviews or on social media, but through music.

Here, CMT highlights a few songs that tackle different aspects of caring for mental health, from focusing on a positive outlook, to pulling back the curtain on the effects of anxiety and depression.

Brett Eldredge, “Good Day”
One of Eldredge’s most recent releases from his album Sunday Drive, “Good Day” features an up-tempo beat, accompanied by a message that centers on choosing to focus on the positive elements—big or small—that come with any given day. The song also sparked the idea for Eldredge’s Good Day Movement, aimed at helping communities in need.

Eldredge recently told Good Morning America about his own mental health journey, and shared one tip that helps him through hard times.

“When I pick up the phone and call somebody, even if it is so much easier to watch another TV show, I learned that if I connect with someone, that’s a huge help for me.”

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