Justin Moore Celebrates Pandora Streaming Milestone

Moore celebrates three billion streams of his music on Pandora

Justin Moore was recently honored with a Pandora Billionaire plaque, commemorating three billion streams of Moore’s music on the platform. SiriusXM hosts Buzz Brainard and Ania Hammer–along with Moore’s wife Kate–surprised the singer-songwriter with a plaque commemorating the milestone.

”Wow, that’s awesome! This is really an incredible and exciting surprise,” shared Moore. “Doing the podcast, we take listener questions and I’ve done a lot of Zooms with the new album so people are often asking me what I’m most proud of. Well, it’s really moments like this — 14 years after signing my record deal that we’re still here getting to play music and be supported by the fans and industry.”

Moore’s most-played songs on Pandora include “Lettin’ The Night Roll,” “Small Town USA,” and “Backwoods.”

Moore’s latest hit, “We Didn’t Have Much,” is climbing the country charts and he recently released an eight-song collection, Straight Outta The Country. For more than a decade, Moore has been consistent, both in his traditionally-minded sound and in lobbing hits at the country charts.

Here, we look at five more essential Justin Moore songs.

“Small Town USA”

Released in 2009, the song became Moore’s first Billboard No. 1 hit. Moore wrote the song when he was feeling homesick one day soon after moving from tiny Arkansas hometown of Poyen to chase his dreams in Nashville. Though he felt nostalgic for his hometown, he’s stuck it out in Nashville, and it’s safe to say that decision has paid off.

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