Keith Urban Wondered “How Long [The Pandemic] Was Going To Last,” Then Decided To Write “Out The Cage”

"I [did] want a song to help me out of whatever I’m stuck in," notes the country superstar

“My plan was I was just going to put my comfy pants on and sit on the couch and eat chips until the whole thing blew over, that was my plan. Suddenly I went, ’This is a big thing and it’s going to take a while’. I had to figure out how to get on track again, just pivot and rethink everything and become adaptable to this new environment.” Much like many of us, Keith Urban tells Absolute Radio Country that he had a fairly logical — and very relaxed — plan in March 2020, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Then, as days turned to weeks, the Australian-born country star took an aggressive tact.

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